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Disruptive Media

Disruptive Media is a design studio that specialises in cost-effective, strategic, integrated communications for community-focused organisations.

We’ve been working with social enterprises, not-for-profits, community services and non-government organisations for over 25 years. We approach communications differently. By working collaboratively and seeing the bigger picture, we build a strong communications base to help organisations reach their long-term goals.

Our experience includes projects for sectors such as disability, community health, education, food security, family services, youth, mental health, homelessness and the environment.

Xpand Foundation

The xpand Foundation creates and supports social enterprises that encourage social inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economic participation in a society committed to a green future in the digital age.

The xpand Foundation is :


No part of the company’s income or property may be paid, transferred or distributed directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or other profit distribution, to any of the members or directors.


The Foundation’s income and property must be applied solely towards promoting the company’s purposes.


A majority of the members of the company at all times must be persons who are not one or more of government, local government, a government department or a government authority, or an employee or officer of any of the above.

The xpand Foundation’s governing body is its board of directors.

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